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Write for Survive Law

Confession: Survive Law is lonely. Writing alone, late into the night, nothing but highlighters (arranged to spectrum), caffeine overdoses (in a keep cup, of course) and our bewildering PPSA summaries to talk to, we're looking for company. Law student company.

So...are you quick-witted, over-caffeinated or very sleep deprived? Can you quote Elle Woods, Denny Crane or Atticus Finch by heart? Are you striving and (hey, hopefully) thriving your way through the wilds of law school? If you answered yes to any of the above, we’d love to hear from you.

So, where do you sign?

If you’re a law student or a recent law graduate from an Australian uni and have time to whip up an article or two, we’d love you to drop us a line. You can write for us as a one-off, or on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Whenever you’ve got time, really.

Tell us why you should write for Survive Law by sending an email to (Hint: hilarious law student anecdotes are our favourite thing in the universe).

Tip-off Survive Law

Got a hot story tip-off? Whether you’re a law student, firm, faculty, legal organisation or just a guy with a hunch, we’re here to hear your story tips and ideas. Email us at

A global perspective

Surviving Law is a global phenomenon, which is why Survive Law has writers from all over the globe! Our international team of writers are based in Australia, London, the U.S.A. and even Singapore. 


If you're interested in writing about all things Law then contact us at the

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