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STUVAC Struggles

Cartoon birds on a wire

The trees are greener, the sun is brighter, the birds are singing. There’s only one problem with this pretty picture: I’m indoors, glued to my evidence law text book, trying to complete a semester’s worth of readings in a week. Okay, there’s also another problem: those chirpy birds are messing with my concentration!

Oh STUVAC, you’ve come around once again to painfully punish me for neglecting my degree. Some (non-law) people think I’m over-reacting: “It’s open book, how hard can your exam be?” What I would give to go back to the high school days, when all I needed to do was memorise an essay or two and regurgitate it in the exam.

You would think that by the time I was in my fourth year of law, I would have learnt how to avoid this scenario, but it happens every time. Seriously. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

But it’s not my fault, you know. The fact that I didn’t do readings for 12 weeks was completely beyond my control. I mean, every time I was ready to get stuck into learning about the hearsay rule, I realised I had another assignment deadline. And then another. And then another. And then BAM! It’s STUVAC.

So now I’m under house arrest, paying time for my crime. Surrounded by notes and study snacks, I know I can do this.


…All I need is a really generous law friend, from the year above, with a very thorough set of notes!

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