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"Exams start next week but I just don't care anymore."

Stacked books

It’s a familiar sentiment, but one that may require a sprinkling of magic dust from the perspective fairy.

Usually I am at the forefront of exam time disillusionment and complaining; shouting to the world my distaste for all things hastily written in three hour time slots. But this semester I’m going to try and change my ways.

After following the terrible story of Malala Yousafzai’s shooting in the news over the past weeks, I can’t help but feel a little ridiculous whinging about my hectic exam schedule and the suckiness of uni in general at this time of semester.

University study, out of reach for a large proportion of the world’s population, is something a lot of us are lucky enough to take for granted. Regardless of your situation, the reality is that there’s probably someone out there facing circumstances you can’t even imagine and still embarking on their upcoming exam journey with determination and resolve.

If the lead-up to your first exam usually sees you tearing at your hair and cursing the day you decided to study law, remember this: you are incredibly lucky to be where you are, even if your textbook seems like an impenetrable legal obstacle course.

Over the next few weeks when you’ve got the exam time blues, remember to appreciate your right to study. Brave individuals are putting their lives on the line to fight for the opportunity to receive an education like yours.

So take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture. Regardless of your study methods, or nervousness, or stationery supplies, it’s going to be okay.

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