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Law School Regrets

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I leave university with a handful of regrets. It’s not that I didn't have fun or I didn't try, but there are things that I wish I done during my time at uni which probably would've made my experience just that little bit more exciting and fulfilling.

What follows is a list of regrets that have flooded my sorrowful last few weeks at uni (yes, sorrowful, just wait until you get here)…

Regret No. 1: Not getting a legal job earlier

Getting some legal working experience early in your degree really helps in getting a job after uni. Also, working on connections from an early stage will serve you well in your post uni job hunt. Do it now.

Regret No. 2: Not studying enough

I won't deny it. I didn't really put that much effort into study. I partied, I went out, and I did all the extra-curricular activities under the sun. What I got out of it was an average transcript and an inability to limit my resume to two pages. Had I put more effort into my studies, I might have actually gotten some HDs and an abundance of Ds, which may have gotten me a clerkship and/or a job. Epic regret.

Regret No. 3: Not finding my special law calling

I decided in my first semester that I loved contracts and that was clearly the path I should head down. Numerous commercial law options later, I have a nagging feeling that I actually like criminal instead.

Regret No. 4: Not going to court

I think I went twice during my degree. To be honest, it's probably better later on when you have more of an idea of what's going on, but either way, I wish I went more often. Plus it sure would've helped a lot for my advocacy assessments!

Regret No. 5: Not making more friends

I made heaps of friends in my first few years, but after that I just stuck with the same people. I probably shouldn't have chosen all the same classes as my best friends and forced myself to meet new people.

Regret No. 6: Not downloading all the info from my subjects

It probably would've been helpful to download all the lecture notes and recordings. There's an abundance of information given to us every semester by our lecturers. I feel like it's all gone to waste now because I don’t have it. Who knows when you might need some obscure little piece of info from that one property law lecture? Download it all!

Regret No. 7: Not finding a hobby outside of law

Yes, this is sad. But apart from uni all I ever did was party hard and eat. Now that uni is leaving me, I have nothing. Nothing! I wish I had learned to play an instrument. Or played some obscure sport. These days, as I (still) avoid study, I find myself looking into ballroom dancing, cake decorating and martial arts...

Regret No. 8: Not colouring my hair

For the love of law, just do it! I always wanted to try purple; a nice dark shade to match my ever-changing hairstyles. I never went there. There was always something holding me back; indecision, fear, and work. Now that I'm heading into the workforce for good, any opportunity to fulfil this desire has been missed.

The Moral of this Story

Keep an eye on the bigger picture and don’t let the everyday demands of readings and tutorial prep distract and prevent you from following your interests. Uni is the best (and probably only) place where you can freely explore all your quirky curiosities. Three to five years may seem like a long time, but you’ll be finishing law school before you know it. So just do all those things you’ve been planning to do and make the most of your time as a student!

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