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Tears, Tantrums, Tribulations and Triumphs

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Although law school brings plenty of tears, tantrums and tribulations, a law degree also provides the occasional triumph that makes the heartache all worthwhile. Here are some of the highs and lows from my law degree over the past four years…


The tears began in first year, but thankfully ended in second year. In first year we have all these expectations and the transition isn’t easy. I put it down to the law school hazing process. Stick it out; it’s worth it.


I think it is fair to say the tantrums have been most frequent when the sleep is at a minimum and stress at a maximum. Over the years I have thrown some big tantrums during peak assessment and exam times.

On reflection, those tantrums probably provided a much-needed release from law school’s pressures, and stopped me from throwing my hands up and yelling “have your laws, I don't care anymore!” On that note, my constitutional law textbook is well worn from times I have thrown it on the ground and kicked it.


The majority of the tribulations I have encountered in law school have admittedly been ones I’ve created. Law school sparked my passion for mooting, but what a mountain to climb.

There’s nothing like mooting in an international competition on an area of law you knew nothing about before you started your moot prep. The strain competitors are under to master an area of law in a short period of time is a big ask. Despite the challenges, I think these experiences have shaped the kind of lawyer I will become.


Probably one of my biggest law school triumphs was passing constitutional law, a subject I loathed. Achieving that 51% to never open that textbook again may seem like a failure but it certainly felt like a victory to me!

Law school is no picnic but the further into the course you progress, the easier it usually becomes. As I move into my final year I’m hoping there will be more triumphs and fewer tantrums!

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