• Sharon

Adapting to Life as a Law Student

It seems like it was only yesterday when I was walking into my very first lecture, with nothing but the soundtrack to Jaws playing in my head while clutching my assortment of coloured highlighters and sticky tabs (the essentials). Now that I have completed my first year of law school, I can’t help but notice how much law has become a part of me.

I, along with my fellow classmates, have expressed how weird it is to be so interested and excited by the study and future practice of law. As my first year as a law student comes to an end, if I’ve learnt anything it’s that law isn’t just a field of study or a set of rules, but a community of lawyers, law students and professors who share the same passion.

It took a while to wrap my head around “thinking like a lawyer” as we were repeatedly taught to do. It also took a while to grow accustomed to all those new concepts and the Mount Everest-esque stack of readings we were given each week.

After the first three weeks, many of us were questioning our abilities to even finish our degrees, only finding comfort in the fact that if Lionel Hutz can get a law degree, so can we! But with the support of my fellow law friends, we pushed through the work each week and managed to re-surface from our self-imposed study hibernation periods alive… thus far.

Law school seemed intimidating in the beginning, but with one year of my degree already under my belt, I find myself better equipped to navigate through this legal labyrinth and am more determined than ever to stick with it to the end.

In fact, I’m already happily anticipating second year and the days of mooting preparation, sleep deprivation, and playing our very own AustLII drinking game!

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