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Why Law School Friends are Awesome

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So, you think you can get through law school on your own without needing to make friends? Just go to class, sit there, takes notes and listen, then go home and do the homework. This was going to be my approach the day I walked into my first law class. Thankfully, I quickly threw out that idea when I met a group of fellow law students, and we’ve been inseparable ever since! Going through our first year of law school made me realise exactly how important friends are for your time as a law student.

Law school is simply too overwhelming to go at it alone, so whether you’re a new law student or a veteran of the law library, here are some reasons why you should get out there this year and make some law friends…


Your friends are usually doing assignments and exam prep at the same time as you, if not doing exactly the same subjects as you. They will always check in to see how you’re going, and push you to keep working when your motivation dwindles and you start procrastinating.

Note Sharing and Study Groups

Your group of law school friends can also double as a study group. Your friends will always take notes for you when you’re not in class in case of illness/last-minute assignment/exam prep/daydreaming micro break during class.

My friends and I catch up regularly to talk about our subjects and what we’re having trouble with, and to share lecture notes and study materials. Everyone helps each other out and your study buddies are always there to help decipher that confusing judgment.

Different Perspectives

The beauty about the law is that there is more than one side to any argument; the great thing about law school friends is that they might pick up on one that you didn’t! On more than one occasion, we’d be presented with a set of facts in class and asked to present a case for one of the parties. My friends and I would pool ideas, and the list of approaches is always incredibly varied.

After a while, you’ll start see lots of different points and arguments you wouldn’t have considered previously. Discussing hypothetical case scenarios with your friends will teach you to think outside the square.

Potential Networking

Networking is so important for us future lawyers. I’ve come to realise that lots of people in law school know people working in the law, or who are already working in firms themselves. This means that they often know someone practicing in the area of law that you are interested in. You never really know what a job is like until you’re actually doing it, so if your friends know someone working in the area of law you are considering, ask if they can set up a chat over coffee for the two of you. You never know what could eventuate: you may be offered some work experience, find a mentor, or you might even realise you don’t actually like that area of law after all.

They Understand Exactly What You’re Going Through

Non-law school friends, while equally as valuable, won’t quite understand your angst over word limits, deadlines and precedents. Law school friends don’t just understand it; they live it. Your law pals will dry your tears, or even share some with you. After all, they’re going through the same thing as you!

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