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My First Day at Law School

Cartoon carrying pile of books

7am: Wake up. Dash into that shower.

Throw clothes all over the bed.

This one’s too tight. Does that look too suggestive to wear to a seminar?

8am: Coffee in hand, slurping while trying not to scald my tongue.

How should I be acting? What would a lawyer do?

8:30am: Train station car park. Literally no parking spaces left. Park four (and I might add, looooooong) streets away.

8:45am: How much for a monthly ticket?

Well, so much for a shopping spree on the weekend.

10am: Glamorous University.

Wow, these people are hot. I can smell the success on his cologne.

10:15am: Hi everyone, I’m studying straight law and my favourite movie is The Perks of Being a Wallflower…

Because that’s exactly what I want to be right now. Why isn’t anyone looking away, why?!

10:30am: I can’t believe this class is going to go on for another two hours. Oh Sweet Lady Gaga.

10:45am: I should speak louder at some point. Better yet, I should say something. Everyone’s saying something. Come on, say something! Seminar participation marks are at stake here!

11am: Does anyone else feel hungry?

12pm: This lecture sounds interesting. I bet I can get used to this, right? If only all my classes were like this. Need to work on my communication skills.

1pm: I’m still hungry. Dim sum or pide, or skip it and go for the coffee?

2pm: I’m so tired. Need more coffee.

3pm: I’m out of here! Hallelujah.

4:30pm: Now to do those readings. Uggghh. So much for that episode of Suits. My brain hurts.

Repeat with a hint of exasperation, frustration and fatigue for the next four days. Welcome to blissful law school, it’ll knock your socks off.

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