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The Perks of Being a Law Student

Elle woods from legally blonde

Put simply, being a law student is awesome. I’ll admit, there will be times where you’ll experience the occasional lows of getting mediocre marks or enduring sleepless nights, attempting to cover a semester’s worth of law readings in two days, but there are also great highs. Here are some of my favourite perks of being a law student…

An empathetic student body A great thing about being a law student is the very empathetic student body. This is most evident when you can walk into the law building in your daggiest pair of track pants and a dirty t-shirt (that you probably slept in) to hand in a last minute assignment. Law students aren’t usually bothered by how destitute you look; most times we’re probably in the same situation, and can completely empathise with the long night of readings you had to endure. This shared understanding between law students is what makes us such a great bunch! Besides, who has time to get all dressed up (or even shower) during exams or STUVAC?! You’re licensed to suit-up... whenever you want One plus of being a law student is being able to casually stroll into the law building in my fanciest attire without a judging eye following me. When it comes to fashion, we law students are a pretty stylish bunch. When you’re dressed in a suit, vest and tie and carrying a brief case, law students know that you’ve just been to an interview, or that you’re going to compete in a moot and live out your Denny Crane/Harvey Specter dreams.

Learning a new language You don’t need to combine your law degree with international studies in order to enjoy the opportunity of learning a new language. Once you start law you will learn how to speak legalese and very soon you will be dropping phrases like “habeas corpus” and “mens rea” on a daily basis. In no time your conversations with fellow law students will be so encoded with legal language that nobody else will be able to decipher your witty legal banter.

This is an adaptation of an article that previously appeared in Lawkipedia, a new publication of the UNSW Law Society. Reprinted with the permission of UNSW Law Society.

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