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Working with Different Law Lecturer Personalities


Some law lecturers will make you thank your lucky stars; others may lead you to question why you’re even bothering to become a lawyer. Here are some tips for learning from the different types of law lecturers…

The Boring Law Lecturer

Unfortunately, this law lecturer sends you to sleep within three minutes of finding your seat. The lecturers and tutorials are conducted with the same dull drawl, which means the content doesn’t seem engaging enough to care about. You find yourself staying up late the nights before class, knowing full well you will recover some sleep debt just by showing up.

The approach

You can get the most from this law lecturer by taking charge. They will probably liven up with a little student feedback so prepare a few questions to ask during class.

The Dragon

This law lecturer has kicked you out of your tutorial because they didn’t like your answer. Every time you aren’t prepared they pounce like cat on mouse. You’re extremely afraid you’re going to fail because they seem to hate you and everyone else they encounter.

The approach

Stop wussing out and explain where you are having trouble. The most likely explanation is that they are just tired from many complacent, lazy law students turning up to class and expecting someone else to answer all the questions. Make up for the gaps in your knowledge by telling them what you do know. Chances are the fire breathing will stop shortly after. These lecturers can be intimidating, but I have no doubt they want you to share their passion for the subject and pass with flying colours. Adapt your approach, don’t get your back up and never fail to be polite.

The “Sent From Heaven” Type

They explain everything in plain English. The tutorial questions don’t make you want to run for the hills. You find yourself having a joke with your lecturer outside of class. They email back at strange hours to answer any of your questions, no matter how random. You think you probably have the greatest law lecturer of all time – and you’re probably right.

The approach

Continue turning up to class and contributing and don’t forget those jokes. If you really want to, you can procrastibake them a muffin or some other sort of delicious treat as sincere thanks for that Distinction you just know is coming your way thanks to their awesome teaching. Alternatively, thank you emails also go a long way, but back it up by working hard to show how much you appreciate them.

No matter what your law lecturer’s approach to teaching is, your best bet is to go to class prepared, participate regularly and keep in contact with them.

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