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Care Packages for Law Students

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Care packages have always been a big thing in my family. If my siblings or I went anywhere for an extended period of time, mum would bundle up some goodies and send them our way. When I moved away from home to study law, she always made sure that when things were tough or I had exams looming, that a care package filled with love and comfort food found its way to my door.

Care packages began as a way that humanitarian organisation CARE distributed food aid in Europe after the Second World War. The basic premise was to make sure that people were reminded that others cared, while also providing them with much needed items.

After finding out that none of my friends at university received these from their families, I started giving them to others so that a little bit of love and study food was shared around.

Whether you and your friends are working through mid-semester assignments, or exams are just around the corner, here are some wonderful care package ideas for law students:

Coffee – It saves you having to make a trip to the supermarket or to the coffee shop during those late night study sessions and early mornings. Swap for tea if the intended recipient isn’t a big coffee fan.

Snacks – something to munch on while studying is always helpful. Lollies are always good for that quick sugar rush, and chocolate is a necessity for when life gets you down.

Stationery – whether it’s highlighters, post-it notes or pens, these always seem to run out or go missing around stressful assignment or exam periods, so some spares to help avoid the last minute panic are awesome.

Notes of encouragement – these are great to put up around your study space and remind you that somebody believes that you can do it, even if you don’t.

Funny memes/pictures – there is nothing like a good meme to provide a much needed laugh during exam time.

Cold and flu medication – exams or stressful times are when we tend to get sick so having a supply of things to make you feel better can make all the difference.

Soup – whether it’s in a can, in a packet or homemade (lucky you!), soup is fantastic for studying (especially in winter) as it’s quick and filling.

Mix CDs – put together a playlist of motivating music, relaxing music, happy music or a good study playlist to aid concentration and memory.

Photos – pictures of good times with friends and family can really make you feel loved and appreciated.

Novelty stress ball – these can be great for relieving stress and stopping hand cramps during practice exam papers.

Earplugs – sometimes even the quietest of noises can distract you. The solution is some great earplugs to block out noisy neighbours, builders, chatty students or general background noise. Just make sure you send a large supply and ensure that they reduce as much noise as possible.

There’s something about sending or receiving a care package that just warms you up and reminds you that people do care. So suggest the idea to your friends and family and start spreading some much-needed love to the law students in your life to help make those stressful assessment weeks just that little bit sweeter.

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