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Unleashing the STUVAC Mess Monster

Oscar the grouch

My days during STUVAC are spent cooped up inside manically studying. But in order to do this, it seems the little things in my daily life are sacrificed in an attempt to gain the best grades possible. The extra study time comes at the expense of fashion and food and a clean house...

The house distinctly resembles a state of emergency, with law notes, study guides, textbooks and highlighters being sprayed all over the apartment. The dishes have piled up and I don’t even have any clean spoons to eat with, but luckily the ice-cream scoop is still unused! It’s amazing the improvisations that can be sought in desperate times!

When it comes to fashion, law students are generally a pretty stylish bunch, but maybe there’s an exception when it comes to STUVAC. For me, there seems to be a strong correlation between appearing less fashionable (but more comfy) and achieving better study. Items needed to achieve this include my ugg boots and pyjamas, or trackies if I’m dressing up to go into uni. In these colder winter months, I’m even thinking that a onesie could be good investment.

Considering I don’t like to cook at the best of times, STUVAC is definitely not the time for me to start. Since there is no time to go out to get takeaway, I’ve attempted to streamline the cooking process by sticking to the basics; usually this involves toast. Jam on toast, toasted sandwiches and eggs on toast are amongst the favourites, not to mention the endless cups of coffee, which I tend to leave half drunk all around the place.

There’s one small problem. In order to keep eating these lavish meals and drinking coffee, the knives, plates and cups need to be washed. During previous STUVACs there have been so many unwashed dishes that they had to be stacked on the floor. To prevent a relationship breakdown with my boyfriend over the washing up, this time around I have had to resort to using disposable plates and cutlery, which can be easily thrown away after usage, although I draw the line at plastic coffee cups!

I hope your STUVAC doesn’t resemble mine, but even if it does, I’m sure the sacrifices will be worth it!

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