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John Howard Awarded Honorary Doctor of Laws

John Howard

Former Prime Minister John Howard has today been awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of New South Wales.

The university conferred the award on Dr Howard in recognition of his achievements and service as Treasurer and Prime Minister.

Dr Howard was Australia’s second longest serving Prime Minister, holding office for 11 years from 1996 until 2007.

Speaking at today’s ceremony, he urged new graduates to contribute to society in their post-university lives.

“Contribute to your society, be responsible risk takers – you never get progress without taking risks – and equally importantly, be entrepreneurial – it's at the heart of successful civilizations,” he said.

UNSW Vice-Chancellor Professor Fred Hilmer said Dr Howard’s accomplishments as PM were “many and enduring”.

"His achievement on gun control is even more significant given the failure of the United States government to achieve a similar result today,” he said.

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