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Access to Justice Inquiry Announced

Australian bills

Improving access to justice will be the subject of a new Productivity Commission inquiry, Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus QC announced last week.

The Government has charged the Commission with the task of investigating the cost of accessing justice services and legal representation and the causes behind those cost pressures. The Commission will report on the impact of these high costs, and provide recommendations for achieving dispute resolution for less.

Alternative dispute resolution, expedited procedures and the use of technology are expected to be among the Commission’s suggestions.

“The cost of accessing justice services and securing legal representation prevents many Australians from gaining effective access to the justice system,” Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus QC said.

“An effective justice system should provide timely and affordable justice for all Australians. It should not be dependent on capacity to pay and vulnerable Australians should not be disadvantaged.”

The Commission's will report its findings and recommendations within 15 months.

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