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Useful Apps for Law Students

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Sure, some of us still enjoy hard copies of legislation, dictionaries and personal organisers, but there’s nothing like the convenience of law apps. Here are some useful study apps to help you with your legal research, writing, revision and organisation…

iStudiez Pro – This great app to help you to keep track of your assessments and organise your busy law student life. ($2.99) Or check out the Everstudent Student Planner for Android.

AustLII – You can do your legal research anywhere with the AustLII app for iPhone and Android. (Free)

Equity and Trusts Concentrate – A good revision guide with multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge of the fundamental principles of Equity and Trusts. The app allows you to answer random questions, or to be tested on selected topics, and even provides a progress report so that you can monitor areas needing improvement. ($4.49)

Legal Dictionary - The app version of LexisNexis’ Australian Legal Dictionary is an excellent one to have. Compared to other Apps it is more expensive, but less than a hardcopy of a legal dictionary. ($59.95)

Torts – This app quizzes your knowledge on the law of tort, specifically focusing on intentional torts and negligence. Cost - $10.49

Australian Constitution – If you love constitutional law, you can keep a copy of the Australian Constitution on your phone. You can download constitution apps for iPhone and Android. (Free)

iWrite Legal – If you’re struggling to write that essay or problem solving assignment, this app has plenty of tips to improve your legal writing and help you to beat writer’s block. (Free)

ALSA – Keep up to date with news and information about the Australian Law Students’ Association with this iPhone app. (Free)

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