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Learning to Love Law School

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When people ask me why I chose to study law, I find that I don’t have a simple answer for them.

I was one of those high school students that continued to question their future career path long past graduation day. I realised quite early on that I didn’t want to study in a science-related field. I had considered commerce, but after struggling through unit 3/4 maths methods, I vowed never to touch anything maths-related again. Where did that leave me?

Without a science prerequisite, a distaste for maths and no creative edge, I was leaning towards an arts degree. Until my mother forbade me. (Apparently arts graduates are highly unemployable). So I ended up deciding on law.

My first year of law school was a battle. The number of maxims we learnt in the first week made me wonder why I didn’t choose to study Latin instead of Japanese in high school. All of my lecturers were half as exciting as watching grass grow. The cases were lengthy and boring so I skipped reading one. Or two. Then I failed my first take home exam. And consequently, almost failed the unit.

When I went to the High Court of Australia with my friends and sat through a trial, giggling at the sight of one of the High Court Justices falling asleep – I dreaded next four years ahead of me.

But that was first year. I’ve since discovered that there is nothing better than using a good precedent in an argument, identifying loopholes in contracts that you read in the ‘real world’ or applying your knowledge of s 21A of the Crimes Act 1958 to explain to your friend why sending hate mail to her ex-boyfriend is a no-no. Not to mention the way I feel after night service at my community legal centre.

I didn’t love law school at first but it’s definitely grown on me. Here I am, almost halfway through my degree and there is nothing I’d rather do.

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