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Tips for Surviving Night Classes

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While law students who attend night classes may be jealous of those who have the luxury of going to classes during the day and are able to go home, watch TV and get to bed at a reasonable hour, night time classes have their benefits too. I know my concentration levels are at their peak from about 4-9 pm, so I love evening lectures.

But studying and working full time means it’s not always easy to stay focused in night classes. Here are some of the strategies I’ve used to stay attentive and get the most out of attending law school at night…

Stay off the caffeine!

I know this is a law student’s choice of stimulant, but avoid the temptation after a long day at work to drink caffeinated drinks to get you through class. I’ve done it a few times and not been able to sleep well into the night and then I suffer as a result the next day.

Fuel up!

There’s nothing worse than going into class hungry because you have come straight from work and didn’t have time to grab some food on the way! Be prepared and make sure you eat up before class. After all, a good snack before class will enhance your mental capacity!

Study smart

If you work all day before attending night classes, you probably have little time to prepare for class compared to your fellow law students who attend day classes. Even 15-30 minutes of preparation on public transport on your way to class can help – you’ll be surprised how far a small amount of class prep will go to enhancing your class participation marks and understanding of the content!

Class participation

In terms of class participation, try and add value to class discussions early on in the class, as you’ll be more attentive and be noticed, as opposed to contributing when people have drifted off later into the night. I have seen late night class discussions turn ugly when people are tired and possibly not thinking straight, so get your points across early.

Listen to lecture recordings

If you do find yourself dozing off in an evening class, it’s a good idea to listen to the lecture soon after the lecture to refresh your memory. There are also pens that record the lecture as you write. They are pricey, but they might be worth the investment if you struggle to take complex information in later on in the lecture.

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