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First Week Jitters

School starting sign

This week I start law school for the very first time. Those words seem so big and imposing; as if it wasn’t enough to feel like the little kindy student version of myself again, complete with a too-big bag and squeaky new shoes, staring down the barrel of what seems like (another) intimidating portion of my life devoted to study.

I feel like I should qualify my first year status. I’m not just out of high school, I graduated in 2009 and completed a year of study at University. So I’m not a first timer “I wonder if the hot guys will judge me for looking like Frida Kahlo in trackies” sort of girl. Kind of.

After my first full year of tertiary study, I found my science course wasn’t what I was expecting. I went from being sure I was going to do this for the rest of my life to having a mid-life crisis of sorts during the summer break. I went completely against the grain of most of my B Medical Science/B Engineering (Biomedical) cohort (try saying that in one breath) and re-applied through UAC for a place at law school. I’ve always loved English, I love writing, I find the history of law utterly fascinating, Boston Legal is awesome; it was a match made in heaven.

When I saw that fabulous little ‘O’ next to my first choice of course, I was ecstatic. Then came the ridiculous textbook prices, the ridiculous amount of content in each of my subjects and the tales of legendary readings and grueling exam periods that turn entire student bodies into bloodthirsty night dwellers, Thriller style.

My first week is probably going to disappear in a whirl of textbooks, notes, new faces and an unhealthy amount of caffeine. Maybe it’s going to be easier than I anticipate. Maybe it’ll be harder. I find focusing on the little things helps the feeling of being overwhelmed. Free things at O-Week probably make it easier too.

When I got my offer, I couldn’t help but feel terrified at what I’d gotten myself into. Not to mention the fact that I was a whole year older than the majority of my year. The change wasn’t easy, and I don‘t expect law school to be either, but until I get the hang of it, I’ll just try to emulate the wisdom of the five year old me and try no to trip over the hem of my oversized dress.

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