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UNSW Launches Legal Education Blog

Open book and notebook

A new blog from the University of New South Wales is set to explore the issues facing legal education in Australia.

Called lawschoolvibe, the blog publishes articles about the challenges and changes happening in law schools, such as mental health, the Juris Doctor degree, the job market for law graduates, and class participation. The blog is maintained by a group of law academics from UNSW, and guest contributors also write articles for the site.

“Our objectives are to reflect upon and help develop practices in the teaching of law, the development of legal scholarship generally, the administration of law schools, and provide and discuss the latest in legal education research,” said one of the blog’s contributors, Colin Picker, Associate Dean (International) at UNSW.

And yes, the name of the blog was inspired by Dennis Denuto’s “the vibe of the thing” argument in The Castle.

You can read lawschoolvibe here.

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