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NSW Creates Tutorials for Self-Represented Litigants

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A court case can be overwhelming for litigants at the best of times, but the experience is certainly more daunting if you’re preparing to face court without a lawyer. With this in mind, last week the New South Wales state government launched a series of videos aimed at assisting self-represented litigants to prepare for court.

The instructional videos cover court processes, courtroom layout, and provide advice on seeking adjournments, entering pleas, giving evidence and examining witnesses. The videos also cover tips for AVOs and debt recovery matters.

“While there’s no substitute for professional legal advice, it is a reality that many people appear in court without representation; and if they don’t know what they are doing it can cause, confusion, frustration and costly delays for all parties,” explained Attorney-General Greg Smith QC.

“Until recently, many self-represented litigants have relied on US TV dramas to learn about court. I can guarantee that the new LawAssist videos are more educational and relevant to self-represented litigants than an episode of Law & Order,” he added.

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