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Apps for Law Students

Smart phones

Whoa, take a break from Angry Birds for a second and listen up! In a market seemingly flooded with new, must-have apps it can be hard to choose the select few that will become a part of a legal eagle’s life. Here are a few of our favourite apps that can make a law student’s life a little bit easier!


Too busy to wait in line at the coffee shop? Enter 365cups. This free app allows you to place an order with participating coffee shops, and lets you pay when you pick it up. Order your coffee before you leave home and have it waiting for you there! 365cups comes in iPhone and Android versions.


This is essentially a to-do list. According to the app’s description, iProcrastinate is the ideal task manager for anyone who doesn’t want their to-do list to get in the way of actually getting things done. For $1.99, you get a simple, aesthetically pleasing task manager. Oh, and there’s colour coding – now THAT got your attention!

Lost On Campus

New on campus? Lost on Campus is essentially a map around your (hopefully participating) university campus. You can get directions (damn, there goes my ‘I got lost!’ excuse) and rate coffee shops and other on-campus facilities. The app even goes to far as to brag that they ‘even got the trees right’. The app comes in iPhone and Android friendly versions, and the only downside is that it doesn’t currently have maps for all universities, so some regional unis campuses might not be available. Boo.

If Lost on Campus hasn’t mapped your uni, you might like to check whether your uni has its own app. My uni’s app links to important sections of its website, and has a staff directory and maps, among other things. They also have another app that offers various discounts at stores around the uni and in town.

AGLC Quick Reference Guide

Search ‘AGLC’ on the app store (well, on Apple App Store at least) and you’ll find a free quick reference AGLC guide created by the University of Western Sydney. Now you can check your referencing anywhere, anytime. Handy! Check out the AGLC Quick Reference Guide here.


DropBox is a cloud-based storage app. Not only can you access DropBox on your smartphone, you can access it from any web browser. It also installs onto your computer, so you have a DropBox folder that you can drag files to. I save all my uni work in my computer DropBox folder, so all my work updates and backs up as I go. It also has the added bonus of allowing you to access you stuff form anywhere with some form of data connection, be it from another computer or your smart phone. DropBox is free, although it offers a paid premium service if you’re into that. Added bonus: you can expand your memory allowance for free through the DropBox referral system, plus some other simple activities (like linking your phone). It’s also useful for transferring files from your phone to your computer, without having to connect it.

Wireless printing apps

Hate waiting in line to print at the library? There are several apps that allow for wireless printing from your phone. HP has its own app (HP ePrint), but if your printer brand doesn’t have its own app, you can download an app like iCan-Print,which allows you to print to any printer connected to a PC. iCan-Print is free to download, however, to continue use, you need to pay to ‘recharge’ it.

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