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New Website to Crowdsource for Human Rights

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For those who are passionate about human rights, it’s sometimes hard to find opportunities to make a meaningful contribution. But a newly launched website is set to tap into the skills of people with an interest in human rights to help bring about change in closed societies., which was created by Human Rights Watch founder Richard Bernstein and Google Ideas’ Jared Cohen, connects dissidents in the most oppressive regimes to those in open societies with the skills to help.

The site is a bit like a classifieds section but for human rights. Although legal knowledge is obviously a helpful skill here, Movements also receives requests for assistance from translators, journalists, writers, and the technologically talented.

Requests for assistance cover a range of issues, including information about seeking asylum, anti-hate-speech laws, creating a radio station, and exhibiting photographs of a revolution overseas. Academics and journalists have also used the site to connect with dissidents so they can learn more about and report on human rights situations.

The site’s philosophy is that even the smallest acts can help advance human rights, and that everyone has a role to play in the process. So even if you’re still just a student, you can help topple dictatorships from your desk.

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