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Things People say to Law Students

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Being a law student is great but I've noticed that people tend to ask some pretty crazy questions. Here are some questions and comments I’ve been had during my degree...

Colleague to me in my first term of law school: So what kind of lawyer do you want to be?

Friend: Wow...studying that means you really must be a good liar aren't you, and that's why you want to be a lawyer?

Stranger: It's all about the money isn't it, owning that beach house and holidaying in France?

Colleague who I had just told that I’m not a lawyer: So I need some advice on an immigration issue involving my sister who is trying to obtain PR in Australia…

Friend who has been watching too much Law and Order: Hello Attorney

A friend’s take on my decision to pursue a legal career after seven years working in the health sector: You would do anything to get out of your current job, right?

Friend: Do you want to be a judge?

Me: No

Friend: C'mon, you must have at least thought about it?

Me: No it’s not in my plans. I’m just happy to be a lawyer.

Friend: C'mon, it can't be that hard. Judges have just gotta assess the evidence in front of them.

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