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Unpopular Law Student Opinions

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Some Survive Law readers resent the Elle Woods wannabe, Donoghue v Stevenson obsessed, caffeine-addicted law student stereotype. Here they are, in all their contrarian glory. A word of warning: some of these statements may be classified heretical by sensitive, archetypal law students.

  • “I don’t care for Legally Blonde, Suits, West Wing or the Good Wife. I actually get a bit sick of incessant, unoriginal references. I have enough legal drama in my life, specifically relating to whether I want to finish my degree, and the real-life snakes who are making it hell.” Ed, University of Sydney

  • “I actually finish my assignments three days before they’re due, and my exam supersummaries a week before. And that’s not really a big deal for me, I just sit down and force myself to do it. If I truly left an assignment to the last minute, I’d probably go into cardiac arrest.” Annabelle, Macquarie University

  • “I’m not a big fan of coffee. I usually try to get 8 hours of sleep a night and if I don’t, my caffeine go-to is ginger and lemon tea. Maybe people would have more time to study if they weren’t constantly shitting and pissing themselves from all the caffeine.” Shomal, University of Western Australia

  • "I don't like telling people I'm a law student. I go to great lengths to conceal it because everyone judges me and thinks that I'm judgmental." Steven, University of Queensland

  • “Learning Donoghue v Stevenson was such a non-event for me. Like, “Oh, another case”. Why do people get around it so much? Why do all of the memes get thousands of likes? Am I missing something?” James, Western Sydney University

  • “I don’t really care that Kirby’s doing another guest talk. I don’t really care about anyone on the High Court for that matter - past or present. I’m too busy getting wrecked by my law degree. Maybe I should get to know my killers?” Amy, University of Technology

  • “This is going to sound weird but I like class participation and group assignments. It makes law school so much less lonely; (hopefully) you get to rely on other people; and you end up bonding over the common struggle of getting by.” Dani, Monash University

  • “Not really all that competitive. I go to class, chill with mates. I’m just happy to be here.” Josh, University of New South Wales

We hear you, Josh.

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