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Survive Law a new writers e_dit

Survive Law has a new head writer, what are their thoughts on Survive Law and Law school?

If you've ever felt a bit lost in the land of Law and want to know what kind of law student I am, read on. Also, does anyone know what their spirit animal is?

1. Welcome to Survive Law! We are excited to have you onboard but first before finding out what you have in store for Survive Law, could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I usually coyly evade this question, after all my solicitor isn’t present at this time! (Just kidding!) I have nothing to hide other than my current exceptional addiction to Tzatziki and love for all things law. (Yes, you read that correctly). I am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws with a degree in Psychology. I have big dreams regarding changing the culture of law and helping lots of people along the way. I also secretly want to meet Ruth Bader Ginsberg for no apparent reason other than the fact that she’s Ruth Bader Ginsberg. What a legend!

2. Have you been an avid Survive Law reader throughout Uni? (Be honest!) If so, what is your favourite thing about Survive Law?

In all honesty, the only content I had time to read throughout University was my case notes. Occasionally, I have read articles from the Survive Law website, as a means to indulge my inner procrastinator. There are days where you know you could be a fabulous lawyer in the courtroom until you find yourself arguing with the one in your head!

My favourite thing about 'Survive Law' is the global network of lawyers and young professionals who are on different journeys yet have some supportive feedback on how to survive Law. To me, Survive Law is a place that boldly challenges the entrenched culture of stoicism and isolation in a profession that fundamentally exists so that we can assist each other.

3. As a new editor, we hope you’re full of fresh ideas! What’s your vision for Survive Law?

My vision for Survive Law is for it to become a global network of law students and legal professionals who relate and support each other throughout the struggles of Law. Survive Law could also facilitate international opportunities for students and even have information that pertains to different areas of Law, e.g. Family Law or Corporations Law. There’s so much more to come, so watch this space!

4. What kind of law student are you? E.g. high-achieving student who manages to complete all the readings, social butterfly who’s present at every event organised by the law student society, competitions aficionado?

I wouldn’t say I fit into any of those categories, I pretty much show up and do my best.

Sometimes that looks like this:

Other times it looks more like this:

5. What are your go-to budget-friendly and study-friendly law student materials?

My budget and study friendly law student material are those trusted LexisNexis Q&A books. They quickly help you understand legal principles and concepts. They are valuable to read just before your tutorial or after you’ve read your case notes, and you’re thinking “I have no idea what I just read.” Plus, the feedback you get from answering the Q&A questions is indispensable since it protects you from confirmation bias.

6. What is your spirit animal and why? I want my spirit animal to be a dappled corgi, but I’m probably more a raccoon for this sole reason:

Pretty self-explanatory to be honest.


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