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Australia's 37th law school to launch in 2015

Swinburne University of Technology has announced that it will be offering a law degree from next year.

The law faculty, which is based at the university’s Hawthorn campus, will offer LLB, combined LLB, and JD courses.

Swinburne’s law degrees will have a commercial law orientation, as well as offering a specialisation in intellectual property law. From first year, students will also be required to undertake work experience as part of their course.

“This will provide valuable firsthand experience of legal practice while also making a direct contribution to the community and profession,” said Swinburne Law School’s newly appointed Dean, Professor Dan Hunter.

“We are going to be introducing our new law students to practical skills right from the start, with a five-day introductory program which will culminate in moot court hearings.”

Starting from 2015, Swinburne Law School expects to enroll 100 new law students every year.

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