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A marathon, not a sprint: Running the law school race


As law students we are constantly rushing; our long list of readings and deadlines never seems to shrink. On top of study there’s part-time work to juggle (or full-time work for the thrill seekers), family obligations, friends, volunteering and extra-curricular activities.

It feels like we are always running from one thing to the next, never stopping to catch our breath. In fact, I would not be surprised to find a few marathon runners amongst our law school community. Most days we are like the constantly active characters from the cartoon shows… just a slightly more stressed and frazzled version. Maybe we should start the new academic year with a pledge to slow down.

Trying to slow down can be tough, especially with our strong desire to finish our degrees, look for employment and battle our way into the legal realm. The slowing legal job market has many of us worried, and working harder and faster to try and carve out a path for ourselves. Trying to identify where we belong in the legal world (or if we belong at all) can be extremely tough, and cannot be done overnight. But by shifting all of our focus onto uncertain aspects of the future, we are missing out on what is currently happening in our law school journeys.

Law school is a journey, a long, strenuous, exhausting, rewarding and joyful adventure. Behind all that legal precedent and legislation lies our interest in and love for the law. Law school is an experience like no other, and although it might seem like a long path to graduation, it’s important to slow down and take in the present moment.

We should slow our pace down to a light jog or brisk walk rather than a run, and take a ‘we’ll get there whenever we get there’ approach. Graduation day will come before we know it, as well as new opportunities and paths to pursue. Slow and steady wins the race.

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