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“I'm good at law school, but I hate it”

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Even those law students who love what they do sometimes have moments of doubt, but if you're finding every day a drag it may be time to think about your future in law school. It may surprise you that you can be very good at something without actually enjoying it, but this makes it harder to stop and find out what makes you happy, especially if parents and friends are telling you to stick with it.

How do you know when to do something about how you feel? It's a good idea to keep in touch with your feelings throughout your study. If you hate law school every time exams come around or a big assignment is due, but can't wait to get back into the semester and happily take your books away with you over the break, you probably have nothing to worry about. Exams can be stressful and overwhelming for the best of us!

However, if you find yourself dreading another semester, hating every moment of being a paralegal and sticking with it merely because you're “supposed to” and because you're not sure what you actually want to do, it may be time to have a think about your options.

The good thing about law is that if you're good at it, there's so many ways to use the skills that your degree teaches you, or to go down a different path entirely. So what are your options?

Option A: Stick with it

Depending on how long you have been doing your degree and how you are feeling, it may be advisable to suck it up and finish your degree. Plenty of places that aren't law firms value law degrees and you can use your qualifications to do something different, like working for a not for profit, government or somewhere else entirely.

Option B: Go on exchange

Halfway through your degree and struggling for inspiration? An escape to somewhere new as an exchange student may be just what you need. Who knows, you may find the love of your life, travel to exotic locations or make lifelong friends, all while getting credit points. The change of scenery could rejuvenate your interest in law and bring the love back into your studies.

Option C: Take a semester off

If exchange isn't your thing and you just want a break, deferring for a semester may help you work out what you want to do. If that's law, fantastic. If it's not, then you have time and space away from university to figure out what your calling really is.

Option D: Change degree

If you're certain law isn't for you then it's probably time to work out what will really make you happy. This may mean changing degree, spending some time exploring your interests, or getting a full time job. You were talented enough to get into law school and there's no doubt that you'll find something that is both rewarding and that you're good at!

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