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Tips for a better semester

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The time has come to hit our 1,429 page constitutional law textbooks or whatever weighty volume you’ve been blessed with this semester. You’ve been coasting for the first few weeks of term, but unfortunately you now have to make a proper start on those readings, notes and assignments.

While the thought may fill you with dread, I’ve got some tips that will make the transition from marathons of How I Met Your Mother to studying at least somewhat manageable.

Go shopping

…For office supplies! If you haven’t already, go out and purchase your prescribed textbooks, lecture pads, pens, highlighters, planners and any other necessary items. Buying new supplies always helps me to feel a little more motivated about getting back into the law school routine again.

Plan out the rest of your semester

Save yourself a cramming session or two and jot down important due dates and assessments. This way you’ll not only know what to expect from each unit but also avoid those “we have WHAT due tomorrow!?” reactions.

Alternatively, if planners aren’t your thing, make an assessment timetable like the one below and stick it somewhere visible:

Spring clean

Clear last semester’s clutter off your desk (and wipe away the tears). A digital clean up is also a very good idea: clear your desktop and create new folders for this semester’s subjects and activities.

Prioritise your health

For a lot of us, law school meals consist of lots of Red Bull and anything sugary we can get our hands on. But before the madness of mid-semester assessment season arrives, now is a good time to start looking into healthier alternatives. I mean, some freshly squeezed juice never hurt anyone, right?

Your health impacts your academic performance so try to incorporate foods into your diet that provide the nutrition your hard-working brain needs.

Ready, set…

And finally, mentally prepare yourself for another long, hard and rewarding semester at law school, because in the end, it’s always worth it.

It’s time to get going! Good luck!

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