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The five people you’ll meet in a law study group

Cheerleader making comment

So as much as we all know that life isn’t like the movies, when I was introduced to the idea of a law study group I was secretly hoping we’d have a bit of a ‘Community’ situation.

Unfortunately it’s more like ‘Mean Girls’. There are the greatest people you’ll ever meet and then there are the worst…

Source: Tumblr


The Ghost

Source: Tumblr

It doesn’t matter how many Facebook group conversations this guy participates in saying that he’ll 100% be at study group this week, you’ve never met him. His Facebook profile photo is probably some pop-culture cartoon and you don’t even know what this guy looks like. He could be Zac Efron. He could be Ryan Gosling. You could be missing out on meeting Ryan Gosling and you don’t even know it!

In the case that he isn’t Ryan Gosling missing study group because he’s too busy being the current teenage heartthrob, where is this guy? Is he at the bar? Did he die? Does he even exist?

The Goody-good

Bilbo Baggins running through a field

Source: Tumblr

“Oh my gosh, how easy was the exam last Friday?”

“Hey do you understand novel duties of care? I do!”

“You’re going to the bar? Me too! We can study for the exam together”.

All of these are common phrases we will hear from the goody-good. You know how you really don’t understand novel duties of care? Well they do! So we are moving on! Now who understands vicarious liability?

You’d never hang out with this one outside of study group but whenever you see them you notice they’re always running! This one just needs to calm their farm. Going to your one off legal referencing workshop does not constitute an adventure.

The Blonde

elle woods from legally blonde

Source: Giphy

They’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer but you have to pity them. They’ve just been dumped and now have come to law school to win their partner back. I know you’re busy with your own one million things to do but maybe when they ask you if their ex owes her a duty of care, instead of just thinking “awwwww honey” you could help them learn what that really means.

Just remember that they’re going to forget about him and become a real hotshot lawyer one day. They’ll manage to stop animal testing and get another girl off murder because the girl who actually committed the crime said she had a shower after she got a perm. You want to be friends with someone like that.

The Pirate

jack sparrow and a goat

Source: Tumblr

Now there’s probably only one reason this one is in your group. They think someone else in the group is hot and that someone won’t give them the time of day. They’re going to try and impress that person with their devilish charms. They care more about sounding smart than being smart.

This one is going to be a constant distraction but there is definitely a bright side. You see that flask they have? It sure ain’t full of apple juice.

The Weirdo

breakfast club character

Source: Tumblr

Now nothing this one says makes any sense but it’s easier to choose to just ignore them. I mean you’re in first year… why do they keep randomly talking to themselves about something called estoppel? Must be gibberish…

Without fail the weirdo always eats in study group and always the strangest things. I mean a cereal and sugar sandwich… what? Sometimes you even wonder if she will eat the pen in her mouth.

They’ll also ask very inappropriate questions. A filter doesn’t seem to be something the weirdo possesses so don’t be too weirded out when they try and bring up how the brutal murder you’re reading about reminds them of the dogfight they saw on the way over.

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