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Finding your study soulmate: 7 lessons from your favourite rom-coms


Exams are approaching and romance is the in the air. From the time travelling affairs of past notes to the new friends you've met in this semester’s tutorials, there are so many opportunities at law school to find your study soulmate. But how do you know if you have found the one? Here are seven old and new romantic comedies and their lessons in finding true (study) love.

1. Charade

1960's rom com

Source: Tumblr

This 1960s spy/rom-com has murder, hidden treasure and a triple-crossing secret agent. The two leads spend most of the film navigating a cloud of suspicion with killer word-play and an undeniable chemistry. Of course playing secret agent and hard to get is fun, but when exams are looming stating your intentions and ditching the mystery means reaping the benefits of collaborative study sooner rather than later.

2. Annie Hall

Annie Hall with lobster

Source: Imgur

Woody Allen who plays Alvy is the archetypal awkward comic who is suffering from a bad case of neurosis. While ultimately Alvy and Annie don’t last, what they each came away with is the real love story. Because of Annie, Alvy was led to reflect on his own insecurities and find peace and satisfaction with himself. Likewise your study soulmate should help you reflect on your study habits and past mistakes.

3. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry met Sally

Source: Giphy

So you both met at a fresher event and the mutual dislike was as expected as a Kirby dissent. When Harry met Sally, is like when bacon met maple syrup. Forever on the breakfast table but kept apart by logic until the day they finally come together. So like Harry met Sally, sometimes the right person has been right in front of you all along, just don’t overthink it and give it a go!

4. Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones

Source: Makeagif

No list of rom-coms would be complete without mention of the Queen herself, Bridget Jones. While her loveable tell-all reveals many wise truths, including the true value of shape wear, it's her lesson in authenticity that really resonates. In the end, Mr Mark fancy-pants-human-rights-lawyer Darcy loved our heroine just as she was. Similarly your study soulmate should follow suit.

5. Four Weddings and Funeral

Four weddings

Source: Wordpress

At some point we have all had serious friend envy over Charles and his motley crew of britons. If there was ever a prize in perseverance, then Charles would win hands down. From Charles and Carrie’s unconventional ‘happily ever after’ we can all draw hope that we'll eventually find the right people and study opportunities in sometimes unexpected ways.

6. How to lose a guy in 10 days

How to lose a guy in 10 days

Source: Buzzfeed

This is a story where love had to emerge unscathed from a fierce battle of wills. Both Andie and Ben’s strong hidden agendas, while initially motivating, almost cost them their chance at romance. While it’s important that you come to a study session with the right mindset to learn and collaborate don’t let a strict agenda limit what you can gain from your peers.

7. What’s your number?

Woman eating pizza

Source: Tumblr

It's easy when you are on the receiving end of study advice to be overwhelmed with long lists of rules and sets of unachievable standards. There is no right or wrong way to study, its just what works for you. Whether you are a lone wolf who requires the occasional check-in, or someone who works best in a constant round table discussion, all it comes down to is what helps you learn. Throw out the rule book, shut out the voices of condemnation and find someone who embraces your style.

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