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Courtly phrases and what they actually mean

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The legal world has its own way of talking and it's not just limited to letters and submissions. Spend a bit of time in a courtroom and you’ll notice the legalese creeping in. Below are a some of the phrases you may hear in court.


The solicitor with carriage

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As in 'I am not the solicitor with carriage'. Not my file, not my issue. I am on my feet because I was told to be. Sounds better than 'no idea'.

I do not have those instructions

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I was given the file about an hour ago. I am impressed I know the party names. I know very little else as I was told 'it will be easy, you won't have to answer any questions'. I am a sucker because I believed it. Please do not yell at me. Otherwise known as 'I was lied to, this is not what I was expecting'.

Please stand the matter down

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I need to do some research/take instructions/call my boss before you make your order. A smoother alternative to 'I forgot to ask'.

If the court could turn its mind back to...

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I think I missed something here or you missed my main point. I want to go back and make sure we are on the same page. It's another way of asking the court to give you a second chance to make a point.

I am unable to take that submission any further

Source: GQ

Yep, it's a thin argument that I figured it would give a good shot at running it on the off chance you agreed. This is instead of 'You won’t, so i'll shut up and move on to my next point'.

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