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Callout for Clerkship Diaries: 2015/16 edition

Work hard and nap harder meme

Finished a clerkship this past summer? Bursting to talk about it? Survive Law wants you!


  • Just finished up a smashing clerkship this past summer

  • Have learned invaluable skills along the way

  • Want to pass those skills on to this year's applicants!

The diary:

This isn't a clerkship application. Meaning, it's not rocket science. We know how hard you guys worked to get those clerkships so this is your chance to brag about the insider tips that got you there.

We're looking for each entry to have three sections:

  • Law stuff that I've done: This section is about your previous work experience (or lack thereof), your extra-curricular activities, your killer grades or any of the background that can give us some clarity about where you're coming from.

  • Applying: This section is about what to many people is the most daunting part of all. How did you pick the firms you wanted to apply for? How did the interviews go? What was the best/worst part?

  • Highlights and challenges: This is about getting down to business. What went down once you did score a clerkship.

Interested in getting involved? Let us know by sending through your diary entry or sending an expression of interest to (Hint: hilarious law student anecdotes are our favourite thing in the universe).

The 2013/14 series:

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