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The 5 Lecturers You'll Meet

Survive Law's Isabelle hits the nail on the head characterising the many law school lecturers you'll meet along your treacherous journey to admission. The Sweetheart

Cameron Diaz as a teacher

This is your favourite lecturer (and possibly everyone else’s too). The Sweetheart will offer to read drafts (multiple drafts, I might add) because they want to help you in every possible way. They might even have a consultation time list on their door, because they're always available if you need extra help. They never embarrass you in a tutorial or a lecture, because they'll never call on you to answer something unless you offer to. The Sweetheart basically feels like an older sibling that just wants to help you get through Law School. Cherish them.

The Fossil

Old professor

If you’re unable to identify whether the Fossil is your lecturer at a glance, you’ll be able to tell by the first lecture when they tell you that handwritten notes are better than typed notes. The Fossil sometimes has troubles with the projector or the microphone, and they certainly aren’t the best at managing online content. But don’t be fooled, my young eager law students, because this lecturer has a wealth of knowledge. They’ve been around for it all (literally), and they’ve written the book on it (literally, they’ve quite possibly written a chapter in the textbook, if not the textbook). Take advantage of this by asking lots of questions, I guarantee they’ll be happy to have a chat about the first and second wave of the Ombudsmen.

The Activist

walking T-rex

The Activist is passionate, and a passionate lecturer will usually be able to keep you engaged and interested for the duration of the lecture. They’re friendly, and they might even try to recruit you to help their cause, which can range from the Student Legal Service to a Climate Change committee.

If all else fails, check out the Facebook page the activist manages, because you’ll definitely find some interesting and helpful articles that they’ve shared.

The Dictator

Tina Fey as a teacher

If a lecturer in particular hasn’t already popped into your mind, you’re probably not spending enough time at Law School. You might have been a bit scared of the Dictator after they yelled at you for interrupting a lecture when you were only three minutes late, and you might even downright hate them after your High Distinction worthy essay only received 68%. Whilst the Dictator’s tactics are completely opposite to the Sweetheart’s, there’s a reason they’re hard on you, and it’s because they are pushing you to do your absolute best. Go easy on this one, this lecturer is definitely not your enemy (although it may seem like it at times).

The Over-Sharer

two girls talking about too much information

You might be struggling to make a connection between Trusts and your lecturer’s daughter’s skateboarding club, but if your lecturer is an over-sharer, the connection will exist. The Over-Sharer is known for sneaking in a few of their holiday snaps in Europe to explain the history of the Rule of Law, or showing you a cute clip of their puppy popping balloons half way through a two-hour lecture. Whilst they may get off topic more than other lecturer’s, they are generally pretty fun. They know that Contract Law can get a bit (okay, very) dry at times, so the Over-Sharer will do everything they can do throw in a few laughs or interesting facts.

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