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5 Sports Law Students Should Ace

Law school Olympic graphic

It’s that time of year again. Time to pin-up your wall planner and brace your biros as we roll out of another summer and hit the books. While we law students get a bad rap for our low contact hours and sedentary study style, there are a few muscles we flex more than most. This is of course in addition to speed reading, which believe it or not is an actual international sport. It naturally follows then, that all this incidental exercise should increase our aptitude in certain physical endeavours. So hit the ground running, spike the heart rate and stay positive and sane with these 5 sports law students should ace.

1. Endurance sports

Whether it be in the pool, on the road, or on the track, our superior mental fortitude borne out of tediously long judgments and Constitutional Law makes us great contenders when it comes to endurance. They seriously weren’t kidding when they described our degree as a marathon and not a sprint. To top it off, it’s a great way to de-stress.

2. Fencing

If the pen is mightier than the sword and we law students are masters of the former, then an actual sword should be a piece of cake right? While this is suggested in jest (and not with the intention of inflicting harm), a spot of fencing or a light saber battle may be the closest physical manifestation of trial advocacy. Anticipating our opponent’s moves and adapting is all part of the game. Touché!

3. Indoor rock-climbing

Law students are awesome at colour coding and tabbing their textbooks for optimal use in pressured exam conditions. This skill of reaching for like colours, coupled together with that upper body strength developed through carrying our textbooks, makes law students optimal indoor rock-climbers. Gather some friends and have fun scaling walls and reaching for like coloured grips.

4. Wind and water sports

As you develop your legal skills, you realise that on some occasions all you can do is achieve the best outcome with what you are given. This often involves to a certain extent, a surrender to the circumstances and some careful creativity and tact to reach your objective. This translates in the physical world to the might of the elements. Whether it be wind, water or gravity, there are a number of sports that can harness the natural flow of the elements into awesome fun. Sailing, surfing and simply riding down a sand dune to name a few.

5.The referee

Last but not least and arguable in its ‘Sports’ status is the role of a referee. Yes, it is suggested that whatever sport the law student applies their mind and body to, their superior legislative and negotiation skills maketh the perfect umpire. No more do opponents have to quarrel over the interpretation of the rules, the rule of law is now present.

Now, by all means this list is personally biased and comedically purposed. That being said, physical exercise and the social perks that tag along are a great way to complement your studies, improve your physical and mental wellbeing and sharpen your study skills in a fun and alternative way.

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