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Tips from a tutor: the final weeks of semester

Tutors appear much like Batman: cloaked (or caped) in secrecy, appearing seconds before class and leaving long after you’ve headed to the Unibar.

To dispel the mystery, I’ll be sharing a tutor’s perspective over the coming weeks. Here are a few tips your tutor wish you knew for these final weeks:

1. Turn up to your tutorial

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Especially if a portion of your mark is awarded for class participation. We don’t care if your hoodie is covered in instant noodles; just attend.

2. Ask questions

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Please, please, PLEASE ask questions. So many of my students have sat at their desks peering silently from behind towers of books. I know they don’t have a clue what they are doing, or how they are going to navigate the final weeks of semester, but I can’t help if they don’t ASK.

3. Use your tutor’s past experience

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Here’s a revelation: your tutor has been exactly where you are now, and probably only a few years ago. This mystical creature in front of you has faced endless sleep-deprived nights fueled only by caffeine and the driving fear of unemployment. Use their knowledge to your advantage! Ask about effective study methods, time management techniques and coping strategies.

4. Practice exam questions

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Every time you retell a story it becomes clearer and more succinct. The same is true of exam questions! Try to finish your notes a week before the exam and practice using them with past exam questions. I guarantee you will be surprised by how much you will change your notes, tabs and highlights simply by putting your notes to work. You will also learn faster ways of structuring an answer to address the question with as few words as possible.

5. It’s ok not to be ok

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The final weeks of semester are stressful and can compound any other issues you are facing in life. There is help available: whether you’re facing a breakup, anxiety or simply can’t seem to manage your time. If family and friends aren’t around, reach out to university support services. Universities employ counselors, chaplains and other professionals who can help you (often at no cost). These services are often accessible via your uni homepage. Alternatively, your tutor or lecturer can point you in the right direction.

6. Don’t lose perspective

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Contrary to popular belief, your degree isn’t actually everything. Your family, friends, interests and health are priorities too! Whilst you may need to relegate some of these until you finish exams, remember that your relationships and health will remain long after your law career has ended. If you need to spend less time with friends or your SO, communicate that (and avoid having the Corporations Act flung at your head). Plan a post-exam holiday… just don’t spend all your study time on Insta or

Now, take yourself to Officeworks and start highlighting!

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