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Do you have a project idea that will help Victorians understand the law?

Victoria Law Foundation recently opened its General Grants round for 2017/18 and they're now accepting applications. Their General Grants fund projects that aim to help Victorians understand the law.

This year with an increased grant budget we are looking to fund projects that will make a greater impact and reach more Victorians.

The foundation will consider diverse legal projects including research, service delivery, development of legal resources or community legal education. Community organisations may also include capacity-building activities to ensure projects have the greatest chance of success.

Projects that demonstrate the following will generally be given priority:

  • Innovation and practicality – ideas that translate into sustainable, practical solutions

  • Partnerships and collaborations – which build expertise and learning

  • Multi-purpose – to realise a number of the foundation’s statutory functions

  • Fostering networks – within and between the legal sector and the community

  • Significant impact – measured either by the size of the audience or by the depth of impact for a small target group

  • Efficient use of resources – doing ‘more with less’

  • Accountability and evaluation – of processes and outcomes

  • Balancing short- and long-term outcomes – necessary one-off, moment-in-time projects coupled with projects that can make a lasting contribution

  • Leadership in public benefit best practice

  • The ‘but for’ test – essential work which, ‘but for’ the foundation, cannot, or would not, be undertaken.

Applications close Monday 28 August 2017.

Read more or find out what’s involved in applying for one of these grants here.

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