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Quick De-stressing Activities

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In Survive Law’s 2015 Australian Law Students’ Survey, 55% of law students said they felt stressed about law school most or all of the time. Feeling stressed about law school is almost unavoidable but even just taking a 15 minute break is conducive to help you de-stress.

Let’s be real, 15 minutes is not that much out of your day. You’ve probably already spent 15 minutes scrolling through your Instagram feed, checked your Facebook feed for the 10th time today, and even posted a photo of you with the dog filter to your Snapchat story.

1. Colour!

Once reserved for 5 year olds, colouring is now trendy again. Pick up a colouring book, some basic colour pencils and colour your stress away! Trying to stay within the lines requires concentration and colouring also promotes mindfulness. Survive Law has also dabbled in colouring – check out our colouring wall at the College of Law’s Open Night this year!

colouring board

2. Go for a walk

I used to be sceptical whenever my mum used to tell me to go for a walk whenever I was feeling stressed – “But walks are an old people thing.” But like pretty much every other thing, she was right. Take away lessons: walks are not an old people thing, and yes, the fresh air actually helps to clear your head.

3. Watch animal videos

Now, this is a personal favourite of mine – cute videos of corgi butts, pandas with no spatial awareness, fluff balls running around and cats who knock glasses off tables while staring at you always leaves my heart feeling fuller. As an added bonus you can always count on animal videos to be fairly short so you don’t run into the danger of watching them for hours on end.

4. Burn a candle

Stop sniffing all the Glasshouse candles in David Jones and buy one. Burning a candle and smelling the sweet sweet scent of magnolia with a hint of caramel is enough to make you forget about all your stresses.

5. See your friends

Yes, sometimes we flake on plans with our friends because we think we’re too busy and need to study. But being overwhelmed with stress may also leave you feeling more unproductive. Set aside a night and just enjoy hanging out with your friends – grab some dinner or see a movie.

6. Take a bath

Add a bath bomb or extra bubbles for some fun times. Or a rubber duck if you’re into that. Even the thought of sitting back in a bathtub sounds relaxing. Come at me.

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