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Summer School: My Day

Palm trees

7:00am: Wake up. Hit the snooze button.

7:15am: Snooze.

7:30am: Snooze.

8:45am: DAMN! Overslept.

8:45am: Sitting on the tram to school, slowly realising that waking up this early during summer holidays is already making me a bitter person. When you’re tired, everything that anyone does annoys you. “Look at that woman over there eating her damn grapes one by one. Who does she think she is?”

8:58am: Arrive at school and run across the road to get my slap in the face (coffee hit). Dodge the traffic. Nearly get run over.

9:02am: Latte scorching my throat, as I settle into my faux-comfortable seat, scanning the students around me, creating stories in my head as to why they’re there.

9:03am: Is that a familiar face?

9:04am: Nope.

10:15am: Diligently taking notes. Have the most descriptive detail of the simplest of legal principles. This is freaking easy. 5 days from now I’ll be grooving on my 90th percentile mark.

12pm: Damn I’m hungry; I wonder what I’ll have for lunch today


12:37pm: Done, I’ll get a sushi roll.

12:37:01: Wait, what the hell is a “Bill of Lading”?

12:37:08: Straining eyes to see the notes of the person next to me without turning my head to see what Bill of Lading means. Nothing is written. Stare at their face and can tell they are deciding on lunch as well. Maybe I should suggest sushi?

1pm: Lunch. Mmmm. Spicy tuna roll.

1:45pm: I’m fed, I’m fuelled and I’m ready to go again. Diligently takes notes.

2:30pm: I know all about this. Mind starts to drift. Hmm, I wonder whether Khloe really IS a Kardashian. Realise I don’t care. Research it anyway.

Mindless link clicking

2:40pm: Check Facebook

2:45pm: Check different news site. Realise Jane Fonda looks like Mel Gibson with longer hair.

3pm: Wait, did he just say that point was really important and will definitely be examinable? OH GOD CHRIS, stay focussed.

4:20pm: Receive a text from friends asking me to the beach for a few cheeky beers. Reply that I’m at summer school. Receive a text that simply reads “Lol, have fun.” Awesome.

4:45pm: Day nearly over. Ok, that wasn’t so bad. I’ll make sure I disconnect the Internet and pay complete attention tomorrow. Just 4 days left. I can do this. Tomorrow will be completely different.

Day 2:

Wake up at 7am. Hit the snooze button. 7:15. Snooze. 7:30. Snooze. 8:45. DAMN, overslept.


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