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How to lose a law student in 10 days…

How to lose a guy in 10 days

Law students are among the country’s most finicky and meticulous students. We know what we like and, more to the point, we know what we don’t. Here are some helpful hints for anyone thinking about befriending or dating a law student…

Never ever, under any circumstances:

Misplace the receipt for their Carbolic Smoke Ball;

Giggle when they say ‘intestate’;

Propose that square brackets and circle brackets are interchangeable;

Tape over an episode of Boston Legal;

Whinge that they have it easy because their exams are open book;

Tell them Latin is a dead language;

Think that the DPP is exactly like Crownies;

Ask them for legal advice;

Swallow the snail in their ginger beer;

Use a semicolon incorrectly;

Ask them out on a date during exam block;

Tell them there’s no real difference between Honours 2A and Honours 2B;

Not share in their excitement over the purchase of new highlighters;

Ask them why they even bothered enrolling in a law degree when Mike Ross clearly didn’t need one; and

Become convinced that they’re cheating on you with a Mr Isaac Isaacs.

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