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Become a Diligent-Looking Law Student in 5 Simple Steps

Ferris Bueller

Every so often there’s an article that boasts to give the best tips on how to become a successful law student. This one is a little different. These are my top five tips for how to appear like a high achieving, Kirby J wannabe, while still taking your learning at your own pace.

1. Go to Uni Social Events

Yes, it may seem odd that between work and the pile of readings that anyone would suggest you socialise, but I recommend it. All uni events have something to teach you, whether it is networking or raising awareness of causes. The other benefit is meeting like-minded law students who may just be your saviour when there is a tricky assignment question. Also, the more events you go to the more you will notice there are those few same people everywhere you go – make friends with these students! They usually know everyone and everything that’s happening, and some of that brilliance may rub off on you.

2. Past Notes

I won’t lie. Like many, I have used the infamous online notes. If you’re planning on using past notes or know you’ll likely be seriously pressed for time at the end of semester, get these notes at the start of semester and use them with your tutorial and weekly readings. This way you can update them, still save on time and actually understand what they are talking about (with the added bonus of making yourself look like you know something in the tutorial – even when you don’t). Plan ahead and avoid making the mistake of learning the wrong law, or worse, applying it in an exam.

3. Get involved with extra-curricular activities

Some people struggle with study or just don’t have that brilliant exam technique. Never fear! Though a sound academic record will help in getting jobs, so will a solid record of academic extra-curricular activities! Mooting, paper competitions even social conferences will demonstrate your ability to ‘take charge of your own learning’ and play nice with others in a team.

4. Find something that interests you in every subject

Studies have proven you will better remember something if you are actively involved and enjoying it. But some subjects will be the bane of your existence as a law student. It may be hard but try to find something you like about those tiresome units; the smallest thing that interests you may be the area you kick law-butt in on the exam.

5. Don't fall into the peacock trap

A friend of mine once called a group of law students ‘peacocks’ – and how true. This is the group that within 5 minutes of meeting them you know their GPA and every awesome place they have ever worked. There is room to be proud of achievements in law but you don’t want to be in this group. Getting stuck here will teach you negative habits that will not only make you overly competitive and feel like you constantly have to prove something, but will also make you look arrogant. We don’t want this.

No matter your style, GPA or your career path, most law students are just like you! Everyone will come up against an area they struggle in. The difference is that some students fake it till they make it. Give it a go: get involved in your uni community, and find an area of interest in all your subjects and study smarter, not harder – you may just learn something.

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