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How's the Serenity? Turn your weekend into a Power Break

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As we approach the madness of mid-semester, most of us are wondering how to find work/life/study balance. Taking a few days off to relax will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever life (or your lecturer) throws at you. Here’s how you can have an awesomely reinvigorating power break this weekend…

1. Schedule as much downtime as possible. Turn your phone off if you can and don't check your emails unless absolutely necessary. Your power break is for you.

2. Do something for yourself that you enjoy but don't normally get the time to do. Whether it's visiting the art gallery, going for a swim at the beach or having a picnic in the park, do something different from your daily routine. Massages, movies and makeovers are just a few suggestions, but only after getting that sleep in you so desperately need!

3. Get out of your house/flat/compartment. Even if it's just staying a night or two with friends or family, a change of scenery with the right people can be as good as a proper holiday. Of course, this is a much more attractive option if you happen to know people with idyllic hillside cottages, farms, beach shacks and well stocked wine cellars.

Or if you can afford it, book a swanky hotel room with a friend (or even by yourself) for a bit of rest, relaxation and pampering. There are many deals on last-minute accommodation online that can make this a viable option, even if only once a year.

Even a day trip can provide that much-needed change of scenery.

4. If you're intending to stay at home, build a fort (either metaphorically or literally, whatever takes your fancy). Stock up on your favourite foods beforehand, get some movies or books and make your surroundings comfortable, then relax; you've earned your rest!

5. Schedule dinner, drinks or coffee with friends. Catch-ups are usually the first thing to go when we're busy or stressed, but friends (especially the non-law talking variety) can do wonders to improve your mood. If you can't arrange time to meet, max out your cap and talk on the phone instead.

6. Some light exercise can leave you feeling relaxed. Try a yoga class or going for a long walk, preferably somewhere with non-concrete scenery.

7. If you're an animal lover, but don't have a pet yourself, borrow someone else's for a couple of hours (preferably with permission). Playing with an animal has been repeatedly proven to lower stress and improve mood. And it's fun too!

8. Have a cooking session (but only if you enjoy cooking), so you'll have both something yummy to eat that day and some leftovers to freeze when life gets hectic again.

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