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Don’t Feel Guilty: Facebook can be good for Law Students

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To the average law student, Facebook is like caffeine. You probably spend way too much time consuming it and secretly wish you could live without it. But it's not all bad news. If you use it right, Facebook can help improve your study habits and grades. Really.

Use Facebook as more than just a tool for procrastination

Although it's often impractical to meet during semester, setting up a Facebook study group can be a good alternative. You can post questions or links and discuss any problems you're experiencing with your peers. This will help keep you motivated and you'll be constantly revising the material when you help others with their questions.

Anyone who's ever had to do a group assignment will tell you that communication is the key to success. I was once in a group that used email as the method of communication, and people frequently clicked “Reply” instead of “Reply All” to messages, and it was common for only one person to have received an important message. Communicating via a Facebook group can help you avert this problem.

But don't go crazy

However, for these suggestions to work, you can't be on Facebook all day. Even with honourable intentions, it's still distracting! Set yourself defined times for checking Facebook and stick to them. This not only discourages long sessions of procrastination, but also provides a reward for those long hours of study. That said, no one is perfect, so be realistic and make a schedule that incorporates some procrastination time.

Be a social butterfly

Finally, just to tell you something you already know, Facebook can help counter the feelings of isolation and loneliness that we all experience at some point during semester. When the outside world seems like a distant memory, you're becoming increasingly anxious about whether you'll get through this course in one piece and all your friends seem to be living in different time zones, remember the purpose of Facebook. Before it became the domain of advertising, humorous pictures of cats and endless hours of procrastination, Facebook was designed to be a social network to help people stay connected.

So, in the interests of your studies and work-life balance, do a little Facebooking!

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