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Things First Years Say


Ahh… first years! Every year they come into our lives, with bright and shiny faces, looking like they wake up each morning eager to study. This post is written with love for first years, and nostalgia for the time when we law school veterans said and thought similar things.

Here are some things I’ve heard first years say…

‘I usually text/Facebook/listen in class.’ Usually? You’ve had what? Four classes?

'I believe studying is a process that occurs throughout the semester, not right before an exam.' Probably because you haven’t yet had an exam.

'I just read all 6 cases assigned this week.' Rookie error.

'I love my 8am lecture.' o.O

'My lecturer will notice/care/give a damn if I don't show up.' Ah, fresh from high school, first years think people care! So sweet!

Our law school is so much better than rival law school.’ Maybe that’s true, but wait until you’ve finished a semester before you start the rival bashing!

I have so much work to do!’ Just wait until next year!

I did the supplementary readings’ Aww, cute!

Why did I only get a credit on my assignment? It was the same as my friend's because we did it together and he got a distinction.’ Probably best not to tell your lecturer that when you appeal your mark.

‘I want to make a difference!’ Sure, that’s what you say now…

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