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The Guilt of a Law Student

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Law student guilt. It’s a phenomenon that attacks law students everywhere, regardless of GPA or university. Consider this scenario: it’s your friend’s 21st birthday but you have an equity assignment due next week. A normal person would say a night away from the assignment is fine. But not the humble law student – we feel guilty every second we are not studying. Be it your nana’s birthday or even working to live, we feel terrible about every ‘wasted’ minute.

If you’ve ever felt like you need to justify watching TV for an hour a week, or found yourself putting a textbook in your bag for Future Music Festival (just in case you find some reading time), here are some ideas for creating extra study time without sacrificing your sanity.

Put podcasts on your iPod

Last minute revision? Missed what the lecturer was saying? Catching up on weeks of missed lectures? Put it on your iPod! We all know Apple has taken over the world so embrace technology and podcast your weekly lecture. This way you can listen to it on the train, bus or on the treadmill at the gym. (Warning: this may induce moments of extreme boredom and spontaneous napping).

Take every chance to do your readings

A 20-minute bus ride or half an hour waiting for someone to pick you up may be all you need to do your readings. Take every opportunity you can to squeeze in study. You don’t need hours at a time to be a diligent law student.

Be organised

Organising your week can ensure you maximise opportunities for study, but don’t forget to factor in leisure time and breaks. This is important. All work and no play makes for a very boring law student.

Don’t be a hermit

Get a few friends together for joint dinners or movie days and save your sanity! Larger groups of friends will not only give you a much needed break from study but will cut down on the time it takes to catch up with everyone.

Put things in perspective

This may shock you, but law is not everything in your life. At the end of all this when you have that piece of paper in your hand it will only mean as much as the people you have to share it with.

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