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Apps and Websites for Caffeine-Loving Law Students

Cup of coffee

Caffeine and law students go together like my green highlighter and my succession law notes – it’s an intense but sometimes unhealthy relationship. Here are some apps and websites for caffeine-loving law students…


You need a caffeine hit pronto, but there’s no coffee shop in sight. No dramas! Wherespresso is a website and app that tells you where your nearest café options are. And because no one likes a bad cup of coffee, users can submit their own reviews. Click here to visit the Wherespresso website and follow the links to download the iPhone and Android apps.

Caffeine Zone

Some days that cuppa is a tantalising idea but you find yourself wondering if you’ll regret the decision come bedtime. Thanks to researchers at Penn State University in America, there’s an app for that. You simply enter how much coffee you’re going to drink and when, and the app creates a graph that shows the effects over several hours, helping you to know how late you can sneak a cappuccino but avoid it interfering with your precious sleep. Click here to check out the Caffeine Zone iPhone app.

Death by Caffeine

Ever wondered how many cups of coffee or how many cans of Red Bull it would take to send you to an early grave? The website Death by Caffeine lets you choose a drink and enter your weight, then it tells you how many drinks it would take for the caffeine content to kill you (obviously excluding other ingredients that may take effect earlier). For the caffeine in a chocolate milk to kill me, I would need to consume about 1,500 glasses. For Red Bull, that number comes down to about 94 cans.

It’s probably best to treat this website as a hilarious hypothetical rather than a personal challenge. Click here to check out Death by Caffeine.

Caffeine Tracker

If Death by Caffeine was a bit of a reality check, the Caffeine Tracker app is a nifty way to cut down on the lattes. You record your coffee intake in the app, and it tells you how much caffeine is in your system at any given time. If you’re wondering whether that espresso is a bad plan, the tracker can also project what your caffeine levels will be post-consumption, so you can always make sure your caffeine status is below a particular level. Click here to download the Android app, or head here for the iPhone version.

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