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Thanks, Mum!

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Mothering a law student is a special challenge. Mood swings, frenzied periods of study and irrational behaviour are as common as the piles of carefully organised notes scattered throughout the entire house.

Today, we at Survive Law want to say thank you to our mothers and to everyone else in our lives who mothers us. We know we're not always easy to live with, but we appreciate everything you do.

So thank you for…

Sitting there and nodding when we try to explain an exciting new legal development to you, despite the fact you've got absolutely no idea what on Earth we're talking about.

Not changing the channel when we insist on watching Silks, Boston Legal or Judge Judy at all hours of the day/night.

Merely rolling your eyes when we begin yelling at the television for its inaccurate portrayal of legal life in the above programs.

Accepting that your house is going to be just that little bit messier and more stressed around exam time.

Not attempting to enter our rooms during SwotVac in case you disturb the carefully organised mess.

Putting up with our study music drifting through the house at all hours of the day and night.

Buying coffee, making coffee, in fact anything you do to keep us caffeinated and conscious!

Ensuring that occasionally we eat something nutritious. Or just ensuring that we eat something.

Appearing with us in public when we've put together an outfit that should be legislated against.

Finding our little law student idiosyncrasies adorable and not completely disturbing.

And finally, thank you for accepting that sometimes we just need space, hugs, chocolate, tequila, or a large box of matches. You always seem to know which one it is.


Your Law Student

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