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If I could Time Travel: Reflections on PLT

Dr Who

If I could step into a career time warp and travel back three years to have a conversation with my law student self, it would go something like this…

Law student me: Oh, hey man. You look good.

Time traveller me: Howdy. Yeah we took up Zumba.

Law student me: What’s Zumba?

Time traveller me: Only the greatest form of exercise ever. You’ll see.

Law student me: Guess what. I’m not doing PLT because I don’t want to be some suit-wearing, corporate, fancy-pants lawyer. I much prefer my artsy, second degree and the candyland of opportunities to which it will lead.

Time traveller me: Hmmmm, not sure that’s such a great plan.

Law student me: Sure it is. This way I’ll get to study the electives that really interest me like law Sports Law (yes, a real subject) and I won’t waste time learning about which type of manila folder to use on which day of the week.

Time traveller me: But on the downside, if you ever do decide, and I know you don’t think you will, but if you ever do decide to have a tipple at law, you will have to fork out another $8,000 that we can’t afford for practical legal training. Also, we have a job, so it’s going to be really hard to find the time. Given that our university offers the course, I really think you should just grit your teeth and do it.

Law student me: But I already know that law isn’t for me. I’m going to be a famous writer, puncturing inflated egos with me deadly quill.

Time traveller me: I see. Well in that case I’m going to have to sabotage both of our happiness by eating way too much chocolate, moving back in with our parents and selling our car so that we can’t get away.

Law student me: You wouldn’t!

Time traveller me: I would. Now learn from your older, wiser self. Will it be a few months of extra legal learning that could open up some future options, or will it be becoming an overweight, carless, living-with-your-parents-at-26 guy?

Law student me: I see you leave me no choice. Well played, sir.

Time traveller me: I’m glad we got this out of the way now. It’s definitely a better option because it doesn’t mean we have to become a lawyer, but it will make it much easier if we ever want to. Oh, by the way, is that awesome Japanese takeaway place open today? I haven’t been there in ages.

Law student me: I love that place! Yeah, it’s open ‘til five.

Time traveller me: Want to get some takoyaki before I go back to 2012?

Law student me: You bet. Also, it’s awesome that we can time travel.

Time traveller me: Totally. We should be friends.

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