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The Best Extra-Curricular Activities for Law Students

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Although our lives are textbooks, the constitution, post-its and memories of the time we met Justice Kirby, even law students need to take time out and enjoy a hobby or two. Even if you’re just looking for a good time at uni, getting involved in the extra-curricular activities is a great way to relax and make friends. Here’s my pick of the best extra-curricular activities for law students…

Debating Enjoy arguing, philosophy and current affairs? Then debating is for you! It’s a fantastic environment for learning strong communication skills, critical analysis, and how to be sassy. Regular tournaments mean plenty of chances for holidays around Australia and the world, plus plenty of opportunities to party. Warning: there is a tendency for debating to consume your life.

Model United Nations You’ll need a similar set of skills in MUN, but the emphasis is on diplomacy and negotiation. There are plenty of tournaments, and you get to road test your dream career in foreign affairs.

Mooting, Witness Examination, Client Interviewing and Negotiation Could anything be more perfect for a law student than legal comps? Learn those lawyer skills early in your degree and find out where your strengths are. You usually have to go through your law students’ society for these competitions.

LSSs also put on heaps of activities and send students to the annual ALSA Conference. Plus they run socials. Everyone likes socials.

Harry Potter Society What’s not to love about Harry Potter societies? Quidditch matches, a legitimate reason to analyse and thoroughly explore all the themes that you weren’t allowed to in school, and movie marathons. Unless you actively despise Harry Potter, there isn’t really anything bad about it. It provides pure escapism.

Baking Society If your uni doesn’t have one, start one! Procrastibaking is clearly the best form of procrastination, because unlike other forms of procrastination, you get delicious treats for your time wasted.

Sport Healthy body, healthy mind, right? Sports are a great way to de-stress, and being fit means you get more oxygen to your brain, which helps it work better. Plus, a healthy body means you’re less likely to fall sick. The great thing about sports in university is that there’s a huge range of choices, so it’s not just a choice between rugby, soccer or netball – there’s something for everyone to enjoy, even cheerleading!

Chess Club The great thing about chess is that you learn how to play mind-games. As a prospective lawyer, I just love the idea of knowing how to outplay and outmanoeuvre my opponents, and how to adapt my strategy using what tools I have available. Or maybe I’ve been watching too many legal TV shows.

Student Politics A lot of law graduates will end up working in government, so why not get started early? Learn leadership, organisation, politics, and how to badger people enough so they vote for you. Many politicians started off in student politics, so if you’re attracted to a career in Parliament, this is for you.

Environmental Clubs Feeling claustrophobic in your overly air-conditioned lecture theatres? Does all the wasted paper make you feel terrible? Join an environmental society at uni and work on conservation campaigning and projects (and guilt-tripping the rest of us into drinking coffee from a re-usable keep cup). You’ll learn about a huge range of volunteering opportunities and get a head start on your environmental law career.

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