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Moments every Law Student has experienced at Law Ball: A Bridgerton Edition

Since it's not week seven in the semester, there's no reason you shouldn't be bingeing your favourite shows on Netflix. It's finally the holidays after all. You've earned it! I'd be way more understanding about the rock you're living under if you haven't at least heard of the new Netflix series Bridgerton. Some debutantes and dukes have a tonne going on at the ton.

The ton is an exclusive membership of Bridgerton high society. Admittedly, starting your career as an undergraduate law student can feel like part of the ton. We have a secret language that conveys both our mens rea and actus reus. We also participate in displays of opulence every year at our University's Annual Law Ball. Although such unavoidable displays of grandeur are not unique to Law students, some of these moments are!

Scouting for and securing the best dresses of the season.

You are telling your friends to hurry up, so you're not late for the occasion of the year!

Arriving and realising you recognise absolutely no-one. Who are these people? Were you in my Equity & Trusts class?

Finally meeting someone you know and love, they're almost as good as that one student willingly shares their notes with you. You know the one.

Eyeing down the hors devours and knowing that they don't stand a chance! " I do not share my food." Me too girl, me too.

Being asked what your favourite law subject is and trying tame your inner Lady Danbury. She knows everything!

Next thing you know you are partaking in the occasional coquettish dance. A true sight of the season for Lady Whistledown.

Then arrive the unwelcome announcements throughout the night from notable members of society.

Setting your eyes on an opulent feast and feeling like royalty.

You are feeling so stuffed that the only place you can fathom moving to is your bed. At this point, you're ready to sabotage your virtue and go home without a chaperone.

Looking at the photos a week later, knowing full well you'll be there next year despite your initial protests about such moments.

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